Sunday, 10 March 2013

Guide - Expired film

Here is the film I used for playing with these cameras and processing the negatives.  I'll add to it as I use more.  In date films are included for comparison.

Ilford FP4 Plus - ISO125 - Expiry date May 2017

Good black and white film which is easy to use and will still give you results if you get your exposure or development a little bit wrong.  I think it gives great contrast and some of my photos have a ghostly glow to them which I struggle to re-create digitally.

Easy to develop in standard Ilford B&W chemicals

Warehouse in Bolton
- Taken using Canon EOS 50e with Ilford PF4 Plus
Kodak Gold - ISO200 - Expiry date Feb 2014

Gives good results if used carefully.  The colours are very faithful but you notice that it's not as flexible as the Ilford FP4 when you scan the images in, so you need to be more careful with exposure and development.

Fairly straight forward to develop in Tetenal Colortec C-41
Olympic postbox in Manchester
- Taken with Blackbird Fly

Fujicolor HR Disc - ISO - Expiry date Jan 1993

For such old stock it hold up well and gives good results.  As with all Disc film the results have a lot of grain and the images are generally poor.  Develops ok in Tenenal Colortec C-41 following the standard procedure, but  my first film had a blue finish which disappeared after an hour.  The developed negative disc doesn't look as good as an original lab processed one from the 80's, but the results scan digitally the same.

Brandon at home
- Taken with Boots 415 Disc camera

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